If you would like me to visit your school, I have made a handy school visit sheet which you can request by email here.

Helen engaged wonderfully with our pupils, providing an entertaining, active workshop. There was lots of fun and laughter and the opportunities for learning were always skilfully related back to her books.
— D Mackenzie, Principal Teacher, George Watson's College Junior School, Edinburgh
Thank you so much for your visit today. The children were buzzing with enthusiasm afterwards and the staff were full of praise. They loved the rapport you had with the children and really enjoyed your books.
— Catherine Costigan, Appletree Gardens School, Whitley Bay
Fantastic visit to school today from the author / illustrator Helen Stephens!
— Red House School, Norton
To have an author come and read her book to an assembly of children and work with individual classes was an absolute treat! Helen brought her books to life by allowing the children to participate through dressing up as characters and giving the children the opportunity to create a pop up lion. She willingly answered questions by children, demonstrated how she created her characters and explained her process in writing a book - all extremely helpful for possible future authors! The children felt that they had a celebrity in school for the day! Thank you, Helen.
— M Reilly, Class Teacher, St Bridget's Primary School, Glasgow
This was a great opportunity for a real author to come to our school and talk to us at assembly. Helen also went from class to class to talk to lots of children and I was her photographer.
— Lewis K, Pupil Y9 St Bridget's Primary School, Glasgow
I really enjoyed ‘Fleabag’ and the illustrations because they looked like they were moving and that was because Helen said that she didn’t like her drawings to be perfect.
— Lucy J, Pupil Y10 St Bridget's Primary School, Glasgow
It was really fun and creative when my class got to make pop-up lions with Helen.
— Lewis J, Pupil Y10 St Bridget's Primary School, Glasgow
We were delighted to welcome author and illustrator Helen Stephens into school yesterday. Helen worked with all the children in school on a range of literacy skills from role play in reception to book making in y4. (We even got a sneak peak at her forthcoming children’s book...lucky us!)
— Anne Rutherford, Head Teacher, Tweedmouth West School, Northumberland
The children really enjoyed being involved with telling the story and were really motivated to write their own stories. From a teacher point of view I loved the way you took them through the full planning process and the bubbles worked very well.
— Mrs Summerson, Y4 Teacher, Etherley Lane Primary, Bishop Aukland
The children really enjoyed the story and we followed it up with a big write about the snowman adventures we had made our picture books about. Some really pleasing results, children very enthusiastic.
— Mrs Jeavons, Y3 Teacher, Etherley Lane Primary, Bishop Aukland