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Past appearences include the Hay-on-Wye Festival, Tate Britain, Seven Stories, The Cheltenham Book Festival, Edinburgh Book Festival, The Foyles Summer of Fun, The Northern Children's Book Festival, Beverley Book Festival, The Aye Write Festival in Glasgow and many, many schools and libraries all over the country. You can read some reviews on my blog here.

I've also taught on the MA in Children's Book Illustration at Anglia Ruskin University and on the SCBWI Picture Book Retreats at Holland House. I've given lectures for the AOI, York Foundation Course, Cleveland College of Art and Design and Anglia Ruskin Children's Book Illustration Summer School. Some of the places my work has been exhibited: The Bowes Museum, The Story Museum, Gallery Oldham 'In Pictures' exhibition and the Hartlepool Festival of Illustration.

'Getting an author to visit your school, library or festival is a brilliant way to inspire kids to read and fire up their creativity. I find a lot of kids don’t really understand that the name on a book cover is a real person. (It’s not some sort of box with a button that you push, and out comes a book.) And when they can see right in front of them that a writer or illustrator is a person who walks and talks and laughs and gets excited about stories, and occasionally makes mistakes, they get an inkling of possibilities: Hey, maybe this is something I could do, too!'
This is a quote from Sarah MacIntyre's excellent blog.

Please email me for details of my fee and how to arrange a visit.


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