March Illustrator's Newsletter Highlights


Tom Froese wrote an article: The Empowered Creative. 'Creatives tend to think of themselves as vulnerable and perpetuate the starving artist myth. People we work for may also believe this and underestimate our role as equals and collaborators, instead imagining we feel lucky just to be able to draw for a living. We are not lucky to draw for a living. We are capable enough to make art matter to businesses.'

Liza Dimbleby is a member of the Royal Drawing School's Senior Faculty. She talks here about drawing outside in the city. 

My friend Alice Wood pointed out this article to me: Our Lost World in Watercolours. 'Hot in the footsteps of Art UK’s ambitious attempt to document every publicly owned artwork in Britain on a single website, a new online project has launched to repeat the project for the world’s watercolours – in particular those that, accidentally or on purpose, documented that world. The value – and excitement – of the Watercolour World project, is that it views these historic paintings as documents, not aesthetic objects: visual records of the world at large, in colour, spanning a full 150 years before photography took over as our primary documentary medium.' Here is the collection, search for any town or subject, it is fascinating. Like a historic #walktosee!

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