Fresh air, white noise, reportage illustration

Here's a list of five things that have inspired me, or taught me something new over the past month. Hopefully these little nuggets will inspire you too.

Helen Stephens #walktosee Burnmouth Harbour 2018

Helen Stephens #walktosee Burnmouth Harbour 2018

1. This book: Reportage Illustration. This youtube video: Tim King, who has documented his entire year through reportage illustration.

2. People I like to follow on instagram: Sanae_sugimoto.

3. This month's podcast choice is: Fresh Air, especially the David Sedaris and Stephen King interviews.

4. White noise apps and writing / drawing. I heard Grethen Rubin talking about how White Noise Apps help people sleep in noisy hotels. My ears pricked up... Could I use this app to help me write? I often go and sit in the swimming pool cafe surrounded by the white noise of cafe customers chatting, and the shouts and splashes of the swimming pool. Maybe I can stay at home with the white noise app on my ear phones... I'll give it a try and keep you posted. I found a blog post about this subject here.

5. Community is exciting: I started a hashtag on instagram called #walktosee. It's for drawings of our daily walks. There's a broad mixture of people taking part, from established illustrators to people who have never drawn before, talking about their struggles and moments of inspiration with drawing. Why not join in?

P.S. I will be signing books at the New Wimbledon Theatre for the first show of How to Hide a Lion the stage tour, on Sat 8th Sept, the 4pm showing. Hopefully I'll see you there! It will be touring the UK for the rest of the year. Get your tickets here.