Don't use an open jar of ink as a paper weight

Shortly after making this film I spilled my grey ink all over my sketchbook. I used a bit of tissue to rub the grey in and ended up with a different type of drawing. I think I prefer the quality of the line drawing before the spill! Oh well, some you win, some you lose.


Below is a drawing I did earlier that day. I spilled my ink on this one too. Lesson learned: don't forget your masking tape and use an open jar of ink as a paper weight instead.


Actually, I don't mind accidents like this. Sometimes these mishaps can become something interesting, they can set me off on a new line of exploration.

And anyway Dave Shelton said,
'Stephens's "Oil Slick in the Harbour" is a devastating commentary on humanity's blithe disregard for the fragility of nature...'
Ha! Finally, someone who totally GETS my work! That's what I meant all along!