Yearly Doorstep Picture

It's just over 7 years since we left London, our home for 17 years, and moved up to the windy Northumberland coast. In the first few days here Gerry (my partner and fellow illustrator) took a photo of me and Pie on the doorstep. We did the same a couple of years later, and made plans to do it every year after that. Sometimes life got busy and we forgot...

but we remembered this year!

I love looking at these pictures, seeing the change in us as the years have gone by. Pie has grown from a brave, funny, adventure loving toddler who once dressed up as a knight in shining armour (naked bum peeking out under the breastplate which was on her back) and told us she was a 'shite in armour', into a confident, inquisitive 'big-girl' (as she calls herself) full of beans and cheekiness. She has just moved school and told us she likes it because the canteen is like the cafe in Ikea (I think she means you get a tray!)


And for Gerry and I, moving here has influenced our work in all sorts of ways. For me the silvery sea mists inspired me to write How to Hide a Lion (I'll tell you all about that in another blog post), and for Gerry the local wildlife, particularly a beached whale we drew at Beadnell Bay a few years ago have inspired his series of whale prints. You can see Gerry's whale prints and signed copies of How to Hide a Lion, and lots of other exciting goodies in our shop here.