Things you should never say to someone drawing.

I often draw from life in public places. I've had some great conversations with people while I'm drawing, it's a bit like being a dog owner, people love a chat and it's an opener I suppose. If I am in full work mode and I'm not in the mood to chat I have my 'don't talk to me' body language which usually works a treat.

But sometimes people can say the most annoying things, like this time: I was drawing at an open air museum, a man stood nearby watching for a while...

'Self trained are you?'
Me, ' Erm, no.'
'Why don't you take a photo?'
Me, 'I like to draw because...' (interupted mid sentence.)
'You should get yourself a camera like mine. Get yourself a spare battery though, you don't want to be caught without a spare battery.'
A bit of a pause, then,
'You've chosen a difficult vantage point for yourself.'
After a while he wandered off and I relaxed back into work. But then he was back,
'I won't bother you any more, just to say there's a better vantage point round the corner. '

Then there's this approach, I've lost count how many times this has happened:
A man approaches and says,
'You should be a professional!'
Or in a very suprised voice, eyebrows in the air,
'That's really very good!'
Or just a shout from over the road, 'Draw me!'

Oh well, there are many, many wonderful conversations that make up for these. And as anecdotes these are a treat!