Publication Day Celebrations!

It's out! The third book in the How to Hide a Lion series: How to Hide a Lion at School. Whoop, whoop!

In this one, Lion wants to go to school with Iris, but he's not allowed. So he finds somewhere warm to lie in the sun and wait for Iris to finish school. But what he doesn't realise, is that he's lying on top of the school bus, and today Iris's class are going on a school trip to the museum...


And look what my publisher gave me as a publication day pressy: a lion hiding kit (!!) and a back-to-school pencil case packed with drawing pencils.


I visited Tales on Moon Lane Bookshop yesterday and made them a window to celebrate, and in a couple of weeks time I am going on tour to introduce lots of school children to How to Hide a Lion at School. In the mean time... I'm thinking about what Lion and Iris might do next...

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